The student coordinator interviews all applicants for enrollment. The enrolling student must be at least 16 Years of age and have completed the 9th grade. The student must furnish proof of age and school transcripts showing completion of 9th grade or higher.

This institution, in its admission, instruction and graduation policies, practices no discrimination on basis of sex, color, race ethnic or national origin, religion or age (Avara’s requires 16 years or older)

Admissions Requirements

  1. Standard interview is conducted.
  2. Barber-Styling Student aptitude test. Thompson Delmar Learning is administered. A score of 70% or better is required for admission. The higher the final grade, the greater the likelihood the applicant will benefit from a course of study in Barber-Styling.
  3. All requirements are explained to prospective students and a contract is drawn to meet the hours and days the student has available.
  4. All agreements between the student and school are signed and a copy is given to the student.
  5. A start date is agreed upon and the down payment of $800 is paid.

Transfer Hour Policy
Avara’s Academy of Hair Design and International Academy of Hair will accept up to 900 transfer hours from a State approved Barbering Program. Student must provide original transcripts from Transferring school.

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